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Barbury Castle

Barbury castle was built by the Celts in the 6th century as a safe place to live and keep away from warring tribes. When under attack the people living near by would bring their animals and livestock and take shelter in the 11 acre enclosure . The inner bank used to have a continuous wooden fence running round it to protect the people inside and also gave cover while the defenders threw spears at their attackers. Also the outer bank was reinforced with huge Sarsen Stones which can still be seen today. Barbury castle offers some great views north of the Marlborough Downs towards Swindon and can be a good spot to watch the sunrise early in the morning as the mist clears.

Barbury Castle was built where it is because it has a clear line of site view of Liddington Castle on the hill in the distance just east of the main road, together these two castles controlled and guarded the entrance to the Og valley and stopped attackers from the north getting to Marlborough

Barbury Castle is a great place to visit with a large car park and a refreshments cottage nearby located on the Track towards FourMile Clump. The rings and humps are about 3/4 of a mile walk from the car park across a large open grass field with some great views.

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