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River Kennet

The river Kennet starts at a spring near West Kennet Long Barrow called Swallowhead Springs just south of Silbury Hill, the river then flows along the valley through the small villages of West Kennet and East Kennet as the river gets sightly larger it approachs West Overton where it passes under West Overton bridge.

The Kennet becomes a well established size when it arrives at the village of Lockeridge and then meanders round to Fyfield and then on towards Clatford. The river at this stage if becoming even larger and has a larger capacity for wildlife, as the river approaches Marlborough it has to pass through the small village of Manton and then through Preshute. By the time the river reaches Marlborough it has become of a good size and offers great walks and time for fishing.

The Kennet has to have a close eye watching it in the winter near Marlborough because it is prone to flooding because of the large amounts of concrete and tarmac around that makes surface run off quicker in a storm . This happens because when it rains the waster has to travel along the ground or through the soil but because of the built up urban area around Marlborough when it rains the water just runs straight off the concrete and straight into the river and because the banks are quite low in Marlborough the river has been know to flood.

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