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The High Street

Marlborough is a historic market town located in north Wiltshire, England. With a busy high street on market days and all other days the town attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The High street is right at the centre of Marlborough and being the widest high street in the United Kingdom it stretches from St Marys church at one end and St Peters church at the other.

Marlborough is surrounded to the north by the Marlborough downs which consist of chalk and clay. Marlborough its self is in a dip because over time the river kennet has made the vally wider, this is why Marlborough is on such fertile land for farming.

To the north of Marlborough is Swindon and to the south is UpAvon and then Stonehenge, to the east of Marlborough is Hungerford and then Newbury, and to the west of Marlborough is Avebury and Silbury Hill. This shows how open Marlborough is to Wiltshire.

Looking south down into Marlborough from the top of Kingsbury Street, this shows Savernake Forest on the hill in the background.

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