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Cherhill Down

Cherhill Down Monument dates back to about 1650 and was restored in the 19th century.It is 258ft high and owned by the National Trust . There used to be fort on top of Cherhill Down because its very high up and can be used for defensive purposes . On the side of Cherhill down there is a White horse which can be seen from the A4 on the way to Calne. This is a very steep hill and is very windy on the top so be warned .It is well worth the trip as there are some brilliant views for miles

The walk up to the Cherhill is a long and can take a while, but once on top of the hill you will realise that it was well worth the walk up to the top with some great views down on the Wiltshire downs in all directions. Below is a picture of the track that you will face if you start the walk from Cherhill.

The White horse at Cherhill was the first in Wiltshire and was constructed in 1780 it can be seen for miles around and be seen best from the A4 road to Marlborough. For more information visit the White Horses page.

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