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Averybury – Megalithic Mysterious

Located west of Marlborough on the A4 is one of the most popular stone circles in Wiltshire and has thousands of visitors each year.The circle itself dates back to 4000BC which was during the Neolithic period. Each year many crop circles appear around this ancient site attracting people to come and look at these complex formations.

Myseterious Wiltshire would like to thank Martin Newman for the following article:

A walk around Avebury rings and the Stone Avenue does leave you wondering what its all about, the size and complexity of the place just goes on and on. T.Meadon has done one of the best books written on Avebury and its Stones, he goes into details of the history of the site and its relationship to the people at that time. Without doubt Avebury in its time has been a place where strong spiritual forces have impressed the people enough to build this huge stone complex. And even today you can dowse these same energetic earth forces all over the Avebury site, matching the design of the stones, and places where once stones existed. This ancient site does have hidden forces within its rings of stones, the site is not just a place where the stones were set in the ground because it was available, and the stones and the site are as one. It is no mistake the Avebury site was placed where it was, just as the Silbury Hill site was exactly where it should be, marking the centre of the ancient earth forces. In the case of Silbury Hill this earth force has now moved off to the south /east corner of the hill, its centre of energy is not now in the centre of the hill. But Avebury still has two centres of earth force with its double rings, with the little cottage in the village across from the pub having a hot spot of natural powerful earth force out in the back garden here. I often wonder if the people who live here know of its existence, or perhaps they live here without the knowledge of this loving earth force right on their doorstep.

I did walk the Stone Avenue for an hour or so this summer, and then into the Avebury rings at the top, it’s a mass of natural earth forces here, marked out for the most part by the design of the stones. Given enough time I should like to research this entire site, the Stone Avenue is a magical place, Yin and Yang lines passing through at right angles to the stones. And matching the shape and design of the stone to male/female earth force and direction of flow, just who found this place and promoted its construction in the first place, we can only wonder. Down the stones between them runs another eight-line ley earth force going to the Avebury rings;this was sixteen leys wide during the summer before. Both the power down the centre of the stone avenue and the earth force coming in at right angles changes all the while each year, only at the height of the four year cycle does all the stones carry power. Changes occur December 3rd each year with the natural earth force of the planet increasing or decreasing, or at least that has been the case for the last five years. This summer a huge increase occurred after December and before Easter, places where nothing existed before suddenly grew parallel ley lines sometimes hundreds of yards wide in places. This was the earth force so many fine genuine crop circles formed over this summer; the formations used the natural earth power as its “bones”, growing where this earth force existed. So many fine ancient sites exist in the Wiltshire area some well know and others not known at all, the walk down the Ridgeway from Barbury Castle toAvebury takes you back into history.

It’s a walk for everyone to take once in a lifetime, and many other walks offer the same chance to reach back in time to a better place, Wiltshire is rich with history, and unlike any other place I know. Each time I visit Avebury most times I pass Marlborough coming down the A4, and without doubt the same thing happens to me each time I pass here, I am “called” from the past. To find new crop circles and its natural power I dowse while driving at lay byes and such places, looking for the influence of any new site. And doing this seems to have opened a channel of sorts to a friendly earth force at Marlborough, which calls me each time I pass here. If you find this article hard to believe you better stop reading now, because worse is to follow friends. Each time I pass Marlborough and I am dowsing I get called by Merlin; I am asked why I never answer the call and why I don’t venture to his site. The earth force, which is his, is close to the college in the town, and I think its on the ridge around the town to the south of here, it calls and wants me to come. So far I have felt unable to go looking for him out of fear, this is the truth folks, I don’t mind admitting this, in time perhaps I may go looking, just watch this space. Oh yes, the town used to be called “MERLINBOROUGH.” say no more.

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