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Mysterious Wiltshire Review by Martin Newman

This web site is really well named, Mysterious-Wiltshire, for people who don’t live in the UK or close to here, that are just what it is. The cause of the mysterious influence comes from its historic past; thousands of years ago ancient man felt the need to mark this country with huge stone circles and standing stones. The reason being to mark each historic site and its earth force for future generations, which would follow on later, each site was special and unique to them. It’s no mistake some of the huge stones circles and avenues of standing stones cross the country-side all over Wiltshire, for the natural earth force which remains is the cause of all this activity. While now some of those very ancient stones have been removed and taken away to build roads and for gateposts, the power, which was found at those sites, still remain today as strong as ever. We should all strive to keep the remaining stones how ever small or lost they seem to be now, for they could mark some unknown earth force or site which in the past was unique and special to the people.

The stones were the people’s way to show that something special and influential was sited here; they left that massage down the years for all to see. Just the odd stone now seems to me to be just a boundary marker in the fields, for the most part something different can be found close to or at each standing stone, which in the past meant something. The huge “White Horses” that can be found cut into the chalk are not just for decoration of some sort, these also mark the passage of natural earth forces through the fields. In the past ancient man would have spent time at these sites and cleaned and took care of them, they were a part of mans history, a place where the children would have been told all the stories of old and learned of earth forces. All through the year changes take place with the natural earth forces of the planet, they increase and decrease, and charge direction of flow at the time of the Equinoxes.

Ancient man knew of all these changes to the planets earth force, someone very intelligent or a group of spiritual leaders would have been aware of the time of the changes, and its influence on people. The “Holy Well “sites around the county would have been dressed by the people for the gift of the clean water, these old country traditions still go on today all over the world Wiltshire does seem to be one of those places where very ancient natural earth forces have for thousands of years been active in the county, and that has not gone unnoticed by the people from very early times. As you go to the north of the UK you do not find this sort of historic past, perhaps the odd site here and there, but not in the numbers you find in Wiltshire. And this does have the effect of causing a huge number of genuine crop circles to form in and around these past ancient sites, since they form along these same active ley lines and earth forces. Mysterious Wiltshire, long may you keep us entertained.

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