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Knap Hill

Knap hill is an extremely steep hill just north of Alton Barnes on the road to Lockeridge, the hill offers great views into the Vale of Pewsey and is well worth short walk up to the top. Not much is known about the history of Knap hill, but below is some information that I managed to undercover.

Knap hill is surmounted by a neolithic causewayed camp . These are probably better known as causewayed enclosures and, and the discovery of a Medieval hearth and the small rectangular building built of chalk blocks and the discovery of 17th century pottery suggests that a long tradition of stock holding has occurred on Knap Hill until a recent date. Also at Knap Hill early this century an Anglo Saxon sword was found. Knap Hill is very easy to access because at the bottom just north of Alton Barnes there is a car park from which you can also walk to Alton Barnes white horse.

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