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Here you will find lots of information on the local area and the latest information on cropcircles in the area, we also aim to cover local history and gather pictures so that you can read about them online

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Stonehenge is the most important prehistoric monument in Britain.This is because it is unique and there is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. That is why its a great mystery to Scientists and Historians because nobody can actually work out what it was used for and for what reason it was constructed .…

Sarsen Stones

Sarsen stones are sometimes called grey weathers because they look like grazing sheep from a distance , they are mostly found on Overton Down and Fyfield Down . They are very hard sand stones derived from tertiary deposits later eroded and moved by glaciers . The sarsen stones shown below are located near Lockeridge and…

Devils Den

Devils Den is located north of the A4 between Avebury and Marlborough at CLatford Bottom.It was probably first recorded by an antiquarian known as William Stukeley in the early eighteenth century . In his time , there were three other large boulders at the base of the monument which now appear to have been destroyed…