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Devils Den

Devils Den is located north of the A4 between Avebury and Marlborough at CLatford Bottom.It was probably first recorded by an antiquarian known as William Stukeley in the early eighteenth century . In his time , there were three other large boulders at the base of the monument which now appear to have been destroyed . In the years between the cap stone has been dislodged and the whole assembly of stones was re-erected in 1921. Once the entire area used to be covered with sarsen stones and you apparently you could walk for 2 miles stepping from stone to stone , but now there are very few left. The last order of sarsen stones from this area was in 1938 and four cart loads where taken to repair Windsor Castle. It is said that there are ghosts at Devils Den.

Devils Den are the remains of a simple chamber set at the end of a Neolithic long barrow, now destroyed . Apparently whenever horses or oxen were harnessed to pull away the cap stone the chains would break. Although the cap stone is reputed to weigh 17 tons .

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