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Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill is a huge man made mound built on a spur of natural chalk.To date nobody knows its purpose and it has been found that it was built in stages as a kind of stepped dome . Located just south of Avebury this is very spectacular place to visit.The Hill is 187ft above sea level and it has been thought that there is a main burial chamber in the centre.The hill has been probed and scanned with special equipment but no burial chamber has been found . The hill has been dated back to Neolithic times. It was discovered that in 1010 the Saxons fortified Silbury Hill for defence when the Vikings were marauding in this area.

Silbury Hill is also a major centre of Crop circle formations through the summer in Wiltshire, as each year they appear in the fields around it.

According to legend, this is the last resting place of King Sil, sitting on a fabled golden horse. Yet another legend states that Silbury Hill holds a lifesize solid gold statue of

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